BRC Canada

BRC Business Enterprises is a leader in the research, development and manufacturing of high quality ergonomic office furniture.

Canadian-owned private company with modern manufacturing facilities in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada.

brc-green-award  Bill Melnik, owner of BRC Business Enterprises Ltd. was an early pioneer in the research and development of adjustable workstation furniture in Canada. An engineering graduate of Queen’s University, Bill has been working with public and private sector clients since 1985 to design and produce products, which allow their employees to work productively and safely in their specific environments.

Bill has built BRC’s business and reputation on his personal integrity, commitment to excellence and strong belief in sustainable, environmentally conscious, business practices.

Time lapse

BRC Stylwall team installing an architectural wall system

Watch this time lapse video of our BRC Stylwall team installing an architectural wall system in less than 3 hours. This wall crew, only 2 men, had never installed this system before. Site highlights: 13 linear feet with one barn door and floor locking handle.


SoHo adjustable height design at its best

Movement plays a huge role in our daily calorie burn. The benefits go way beyond calorie burn, breaking up long periods of sitting with bursts of standing "switches" on the enzymes that are responsible for good health and metabolism. Combining sitting and standing throughout the day also helps lessen fatigue for better overall well-being.

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