About Us / Company News / 31 October 2023

Celebrating Success: BRC Group has been Awarded Large Business of the Year!

The Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce Announce BRC as Large Business of the Year Award Winner at the 44th Annual Business Excellence Awards

BRC Group (BRC) is thrilled to be recognized as the winner of the Large Business of the Year Award at the Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce 44th Annual Business Excellence Awards on October 25. This honour is a testament to their remarkable accomplishments, continued contributions, and significant participation in the local community.

This prestigious award win validates the hard work and dedication of the BRC Team. This past year alone, BRC has expanded its manufacturing capabilities through the acquisition of an additional 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space affording BRC with ample growth including the creation of jobs, an increase in sales, and a clear strategic vision for the future.

“Winning the Large Business of the Year Award has further instilled immense pride in the BRC Team and motivates us to continue to uphold our commitment to the community,” says BRC CEO, Bill Melnik. “As we grow, we strive to continue to create meaningful job opportunities and increase brand awareness locally and throughout North America.”

Each member of the BRC Team plays a crucial role in creating exceptional products and offering unparalleled services for Customers. From dedicated employees on the production floor to talented managers and executives, everyone demonstrates creativity and the ability to adapt to changing times while maintaining the best sustainable business methods and innovative practices.

“BRC’s innovative approach to business, including leveraging unique capabilities and industry knowledge between two production facilities has allowed for substantial growth and strengthened Dealer relationships,” says Emily Boland-Slinn, Director of Marketing and Communications for both BRC and their sister company Tayco. “The investments in the past year credits Bill’s entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking approach to business and culture, all which led us to leading this fantastic award.”

BRC’s contributions to the Halton Hills community have played a significant role in strengthening the local economy. The company continues to strive for excellence in all aspects of the business as it expands throughout North America and beyond.

See the video from this year’s award ceremony below: