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July 30, 2020

Covid-19 Business Impact

During these uncertain times it is impossible to predict the path of the pandemic and the ramifications it may have on businesses and life in general. BRC has taken a pro-active approach to maintaining business continuity by initiating many control measures to ensure that it maintains a healthy safe work environment. During the Pandemic BRC has worked diligently to keep our staff safe, but also react to new demands placed on the industry by introducing a new selection of products which specifically aim to assist businesses with demising space and improving barriers between employees. BRC has successfully maintained full capacity throughout the pandemic to date, and are proud to have supported many health care providers and service agents with necessary products. BRC is committed to the health and safety of our team and values the role it plays in helping other businesses do the same.

A – What we have done

  1. Encourage any worker who is not feeling well or is displaying any of the following symptoms to stay home, and report condition to their Supervisor or Manager and take the online self assessment for further instruction.
    a) Fever
    b) Cough
    c) Difficulty breathing
    d) Fatigue
    e) Headache
    f) Sore Throat
    g) Runny Nose
  2. Encouraging office staff to work remotely to reduce staffing numbers and improve social distancing measures
  3. Increased cleaning of workstations by employees, and by 3rd party cleaners
  4. Work cells in the manufacturing facility have been spread out to ensure social distancing between employees
  5. Where 2 employees must work within 2 meters of each other both employees must wear a mask
  6. Controlled access at the punch clock
  7. Controlled access in the kitchen
  8. Front doors locked with doorbell access only – for shipping/receiving/office
  9. Face to face meetings with outside suppliers have been eliminated in favour of Goto meetings
  10. Access to hand washing stations with soap running water and hand sanitizers
  11. Access to PPE – Masks, gloves
  12. Access to cleaning and disinfecting products
    B – Cleaning Sanitizing furniture items
    Based on research to date there have not been any studies that clearly show a correlation between transmission of COVID-19 through fomite objects like furniture. However, since no conclusive evidence is present, BRC as a standard practice thoroughly cleans all furniture surfaces prior to packaging to ensure that all products are clean prior to shipping. It is important to note that BRC uses surfaces in the production of its products that are safe for cleaning with many recommended cleaners to prevent the spread of COVID19. For ongoing care and maintenance of the products manufactured by

BRC it has published a guideline with recommendations for cleaning care and maintenance of the product. The document can be found on the company website by following the link published below.

Fomite Transmission:

Cleaning, Care and Maintenance:

BRC Product Care & Maintenance

C – Products

As a response to the growing demand for spatial demising product and physical barriers between workers. BRC has developed a line of health care and PPE product that provide multiple solutions for adding physical barriers and adding screening product to existing furniture. Products like gallery panels, and rise up screen systems can be installed quickly and economically as a new install or to augment an existing set up. BRC has designed these products to be modular in nature, highly configurable and functional for users. See the company website for more information regarding the healthcare product, and the solutions it provides for medical/office environments.

D – Business Continuity

BRC has devised procedures to ensure minimal contact between manufacturing/office staff and outside sources. In addition to controlled access and work cell disbursement BRC operates a two shift operation. If BRC were to experience an outbreak the facility would be closed for immediate industrial cleaning. Staff would be sent home from the affected shift and would self isolate, take the self assessment, and test as necessary. The pandemic response team would perform contact tracing to ensure staff who may have been in contact with the affected person(s) are self isolating and monitoring for symptoms. The industrial cleaning would be completed within a 48-hour period and manufacturing would resume with the unaffected shift no more than 4 days after the outbreak. If both shifts were to be affected by an outbreak, the same cleaning, contact tracing and self isolation would commence. Staff who are symptom free after 5 days of the outbreak would be able to resume manufacturing operations which could consist of employees blended from both shifts into a single shift as necessary.
In addition to maintaining healthy staff the BRC team is regularly monitoring our supply chain to ensure that there is consistent supply of products from our primary vendors. This involves managing stock inventories and continuously evaluating our vendors using a supply chain risk assessment. Any vendor falling into a moderate risk triggers actions for alternate supply.

For more information about our products please visit our website at: