About Us / Company News / 13 February 2023
Allyn Rae Group

New Representatives: Allyn | Rae Group

BRC is pleased to announce Allyn | Rae Group as an Independent Representative in Florida!

The Allyn | Rae Group is a leading independent manufacturer’s representative group in the commercial furnishings industry. Serving in the areas of A&D, Corporate, Healthcare, Government, Education & Hospitality with the finest commercial furniture, textiles, and architectural products in the state of Florida. With over 50 combined years of industry experience in Architecture/Design, Construction, the Allyn | Rae Group is dedicated to excellence in customer service and high design.

Please join us in welcoming the Allyn | Rae Group to the BRC family!

Maureen Allyn
Maureen Allyn, Principal

Covers Southeast Florida
Cell: 248.470.9513
Email: mallyn@allynraegroup.com

Jennifer Rae, Principal

Covers West Coast and Central Florida
Cell: 727.415.3959
Email: jrae@allynraegroup.com

Sonya Aquino, Associate

Covers Northern Florida
Cell: 410.258.9661
Email: saquino@allynraegroup.com