• Bridge Table Including Two Recessed Gables & 3/4 Modesty Panel NBRDN
  • Curved Bridge Top 3/4 Modesty Panel NBRMN
  • Bridge Table Top Without Gables NBRTN
  • Sculpture Table Double, Right, or Left NBS_N
  • Return Desk Including Right or Left BBF Pedestal & Full Modesty Panel NDB_Z
  • Return Desk Including Right or Left FF Pedestal & Full Modesty Panel NDF_Z
  • Return Desk Including 3/4 Modesty Panel & Recessed Gable (Right or Left) NDG_N
  • Desk Shell With Full Gable NDGFN
  • Return Desk Including Left or Right BF Pedestal & 3/4 Modesty Panel NDS_N
  • Bullet Worksurface NHBBN
  • Bullet Table Including Modesty Panel NHBFN
  • Bullet Worksurface Including Modesty Panel NHBMN
  • Bullet Table Including C-Gable NHBNN
  • Bullet Table Including T-Gable NHBTN
  • Smart C-Leg Tables NST_N
  • Double Sculptured Table Right NTJDN
  • Single Sculptured Table Left NTJLN
  • Single Sculptured Table Right NTJRN
  • Regular Table Including Double Recessed Gables NTTDN
  • Regular Table Including Full Gables NTTFN
  • Regular Table Including Left Recessed Gables NTTLN
  • Regular Table Including Right Recessed Gables NTTRN


Laminate Finishes

Download the latest BRC Finish Guide (PDF)






The following codes indicate laminate thickness and edge trim availability:

M1 – 1″ thick LP laminate
M2 – 1.5″ thick LP laminate
M3 – 3/4″ thick LP laminate
H1 – 1″ thick HP laminate
H2 – 1.5″ thick HP laminate
K1 – 1.25″ thick knife edge HP laminate
E1 – Matching edge trim available for 1″, 3/4″ & 1.25″ thick surfaces (M1, M3, H1 & K1)
E2 – Matching edge trim available for 1.5″ thick surfaces (M2 & H2)

*The finish sheen on these laminates differ slightly from HPL to LPL; the HPL finish is matte in comparison.  Finishes and materials shown are for representation only.  Obtain samples by contacting your local BRC representative or email us at: marketing@brc.group