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Now the executive private office can have the same health benefits that open plan height adjustable tables offer. Hidden frame and mechanisms contribute to a clean aesthetic while blending with an upscale environment. Bluetooth capable controllers can be customized, reminding its user to stand throughout the day and will even count the calories burned while standing – another level of height adjustable desks.

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    Stationary desks and workstations present a problem to natural instinct. The human body is designed to benefit from motion which is important for spinal health, improving circulation and reducing muscle fatigue. Height adjustable tables can encourage movement by offering the user multiple sitting and standing positions. Another benefit is the ability for the user to adjust the desk to the optimal working height for their body both in a sitting and standing position. Even two people who are the same height may have different resting elbow positions and in turn, prefer different sitting and standing heights. The benefit is that a workstation can accommodate virtually all users at a cost that is only marginally higher than a fixed height desk. In turn, providing the user with an opportunity to break their static posture without leaving the work area. Height adjustable tables can also provide an inclusive atmosphere for everyone. BRC’s line of Alta and Viva height adjustable electric desks provide a modesty free ADA solution that is wheelchair accessible. In addition, both product lines offer a collision-free mechanism that stops table movement when resistance is encountered, preventing injury.

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