Mesa is our most affordable electric height adjustable table and has quickly become a top performer in BRC’s Emotion Series. Movement plays a huge role in our daily calorie burn but the benefits of a height adjustable table go even further. Breaking up long periods of sitting with bursts of standing switches on the enzymes that are responsible for good health and metabolism while lessening fatigue, resulting in better overall well-being. With work patterns shifting to transient or home-based offices, ergonomics and a healthy work environment are just as crucial as they were in the traditional office. Mesa electric height adjustable tables are available in a 2-leg T configuration, with a height range of 22.75″ – 48″ and a lift capacity of 250 lbs. This table come with a 4-position memory digital display switch and many optional extras. Mesa is a reliable, affordable solution for your home or office.

Variations of the Mesa Electric Height Adjustable

Item code #MWTC

Mesa Electric Height Adjustable