BRC’s gallery panels are the new gold! Our customers have made it loud and clear; they want a low-cost alternative to workplace privacy and space division during these uncertain times, and BRC has stepped up with a solution. Our Gallery Panels are designed to attach to your existing furniture and walls making this an easy add-on that is cost effective. Each panel can be leveled individually and sized to fit any space. Available in 36 standard finishes with upper glazing in either frosted or clear acrylic, these panels don’t just create much-needed privacy but improve aesthetics. Whether you want to divide one work area into two sections, reduce distractions or provide more privacy for employees in high traffic areas, this is the perfect solution that provides a clean, professional look for your modern office.

Variations of the Laminate Privacy Panels

Item code #HGPLN

Laminate Privacy Panels

Variations of the Laminate Privacy Panels with Acrylic

Item code #HGPGN

Laminate Privacy Panels with Acrylic

Variations of the Privacy Panel Accessories

Item code #HGPHA

Accessory Tray

Item code #HGPFA

Privacy Panel Support Foot

Variations of the Gallery Panel Spine

Item code #NGPSN - 2WAY

Gallery Panel Spine 2 Way Configuration

Item code #NGPSN - 3WAY

Gallery Panel Spine - 3 Way Configuration

Item code #NGPSN - 4WAY

Gallery Panel Spine - 4 Way Configuration