Hutches & Wall Mounted Casegoods

Go Beyond Traditional Function

Versatile in any office, BRC’s wall mounted overheads offer out of the way storage for binders, books and other items to free up desk space. They offer sturdy 3/4” construction with an included heavy duty French cleat for mounting. Options include open storage, hinged doors with several lock choices and sliding doors, both laminate and frosted acrylic. BRC’s standard laminates can be used single tone or mixed and matched for a two tone finish at no extra cost. A small valance underneath allows for the placement of a tasklight when required.

    • Single Sliding Door Hutch NKSWN
    • Wall Mounted Hinged Door Cabinet NVCLN
    • Wall Mounted Open Front Storage NVOPN
    • Wall Mounted Double Height Hinged Door Storage NVCDN
    • Wall Mounted Double Height Open Front Storage NVODN
    • Low Sliding Door Storage with Top Including 1” Kick NLSS
    • Corner Hutch With Hinged Door NKCCN
    • Closed Hutch With Double Height Hinged Doors NKCDN
    • Closed Hutch With Hinged Doors NKCHN
    • Open Corner Hutch NKCON
    • Hutch Full Height Storage With Hinged Doors NKCWN
    • Open Corner Hutch Left or Right Extension NKE_N
    • Closed Hutch With Receding Doors NKFHN
    • Open Bookcase Hutch NKOBN
    • Open Hutch NKOHN
    • Hutch Radiused End Open Storage 37" Height NKORN
    • Single Sliding Door Hutch With Post Mount NKSPN
    • Single Sliding Door Hutch NKSSN
    • Single Sliding Door Hutch NKSWN
    • Corner Hutch With Doors Including Left or Right Extension NKX_N, NKXLN, NKXRN
    • Horizontal Pigeon Hole Storage NPHHN
    • Vertical Pigeon Hole Storage NPHVN
  • Materials

    Laminate Finishes


    • Stormy Night H58M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Hardrock Maple 992M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Chill H56M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Inspiration 744M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Chocolate Pear Tree L444M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Sarum Twill 8827M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Fashion Grey D381M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Spring Blossom L543M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Frequency K20M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Monticello Maple 7925M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Finesse 745M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Haze H57M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Kindle H67M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Ginger Root H72M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Storm 912M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Canadian Grey 168M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Twilight H59M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Stella 74VM1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Platinum 934M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Canvas K21M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Azabache 75VM1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Cotton 15038M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • White Lace 15025M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Colorado 97VM1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Fusion Maple 7909M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Denver 84VM1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Natural Twill 8826M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Light Brown Walnut 11074M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Aurora 98VM1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Chino K19M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Pumice 858M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Dalia K24M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Black 888M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Siroko 33FM1 M3 H1 K1 - E1
    • Nova White 555M1 M2 M3 H1 H2 K1 - E1 E2
    • Mimosa K25M1 M3 H1 K1 - E1


    • Summer Flame L420
    • Grey Glace 4142


    • Pear 971
    • Regal Cherry 978
    • Calamare 807
    • Crystal Sandstorm 702
    • Port Maple 765

    Metal Finishes

    • BlackPowdercoated metal finish
    • WhitePowdercoated metal finish
    • SilverPowdercoated metal finish


    • CurveSilver, Black
    • Flat BarSIlver, Chrome
    • LockerChrome, Matte Chrome
    • H BarBrushed Nickel, Black
    • Edge PullMatte Chrome
    • NovaBrushed Nickel
    • StylusMatte Chrome
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