As a private Canadian corporation, BRC is concerned about the environmental impact of product design and all manufacturing processes, as well as with the content and recyclability of packaging materials. BRC adheres to the most stringent environmental standards published by the various government agencies across Canada and the United States. A copy of said standards are posted on the premises at all times and a copy is available to any staff person requesting it. BRC encourages any effort by employees to exceed these standards and provide a leadership role in environmental awareness.

At BRC’s manufacturing facility we recycle 98% of our scrap wood, 100% of our cardboard, and 100% of our steel and aluminum. These scrap products are collected at BRC and shipped to the appropriate recycling facility to be reprocessed and reused in various new products. All cardboard shipping cartons used by BRC have the highest possible recycled fiber content. At all major project installations, we remove all packaging materials and process them for recycling. Wherever possible, products are shipped bulk and packed to reduce overall use of packaging materials. At BRC’s facility, a Blue Box program collects all recyclable materials.

BRC is concerned about the office environment and indoor air quality of its clients. We are BIFMA Level 2 certified, which mean in all manufacturing processes, BRC uses products or processes that reduce VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. Adhesives used are either water based or non-solvent dispersed to reduce product-off gassing. For painting of metal components, BRC uses an electrostatic powder coating process that is virtually VOC free and which produces minimal waste. This process ensures that 98% of the coating material adheres to the product and the remainder is collected and recycled through the spray nozzles. In addition to VOC type emissions, BRC is very concerned about formaldehyde emissions and uses wood and wood based products that have negligible formaldehyde emissions. BRC also seals all finished products to further reduce such emissions.

BRC is committed to remaining a forerunner in blending environmental measures with the manufacturing of renewable and recyclable products, and will continue to seek new initiatives to do our part in protecting our environment.