About Us / Company News / 1 November 2022

Improved Lead Times & Expanded Capacity!

There have been a lot of changes at BRC over the past few months and we wanted to inform you about all our exciting positive developments!

Improved Lead Times
With effort from our supply chain team, we have been able to coordinate a program of increased raw material inventories and supplier turn around times to help BRC improve its lead times. The addition of more new equipment to BRC’s already robust facility has allowed for greater flow through capacity. Consequently, BRC is executing standard products and deviations in 6 weeks, and custom products in 8 weeks. We are happy to show 95% on-time fill rates, and are beginning to pull orders forward as of November.

Expanded Capacity
Through Bill’s acquisition of Tayco in September, BRC is happy to announce that it will be able to leverage its equipment and space for increased capacity and inventory storage. Tayco’s facility is closely located to BRC in Georgetown, and BRC will now be able use this facility to help manufacture and coordinate large project deliveries for efficient project management.